Jakub Stanosz

Jakub Stanosz 🧬 Biohacker

Full Stack Developer | AI Workflow | Leadership & Growth | Business-Savvy | Global Collaboration

👨‍💻 Full Stack Developer

I have 5+ years of experience in JavaScript and PHP. I have expertise in Vue.js and Laravel, and I'm fluent in Angular. I'm skilled in TypeScript for improved code quality and readability, and experienced in using Python for diverse projects.

🤖 AI-Enhanced Workflow

While AI in development is often buzzed about, I've been practically integrating it since GitHub Copilot's technical preview (2021). This tool enhances my workflow, allowing for faster coding, more efficient debugging, streamlined test creation, and improved code quality. AI also aids in generating comprehensive documentation, ensuring a balance of speed and precision in my work.

🌟 Leadership & Continuous Growth

Embracing my natural inclination for leadership, reflected in my ENTJ personality, I've been engaged in leading initiatives from an early age. While I continually benefit from the guidance of mentors, I also share my knowledge within my projects, fostering a collaborative environment where leadership and learning go hand in hand.

🔍 Business-Savvy & Challenge-Driven

My work ethos is deeply rooted in understanding the business perspective in coding and product development. I thrive on tackling new challenges and constantly seek to broaden my horizon with fresh perspectives. Open-minded and eager to learn, I aim for productivity with a preference for meaningful interactions over numerous transactional meetings.

🌍 Global Collaboration Expertise

My career spans projects in Germany, Australia, and the USA, including significant work in the fintech sector with Amaka. This global exposure has honed my adaptability and communication skills, allowing me to effectively collaborate in diverse environments, including partnerships with Vietnamese companies.